ME, NY / Selected Work

From wetland restoration and the understanding of the natural systems required to prepare a successful solution to the often wide open and extremely creative opportunities in residential design, this category of work features a wide variety of projects where client input and interaction are paramount in developing successful solutions.

Crescent Beach State Park
Wetland Restoration and Treatment Plant Building Removal Project: Planning, permitting, design and construction observation and administration. Central to this design was the concept of allowing for native eco-type succession in the planting of the restored wetland.

Eastern Cemetery in Portland, ME
Development of a Landscape Master Plan based on historic patterns of planned and unplanned landscape as well as Standards of Preservation. Assistance with the implementation of the Plan utilizing Americorp, volunteers and an MDOT grant.

Residence in Cape Elizabeth, ME
Developed the site plan, grading plan, landscape design and all site improvements for this new energy efficient home overlooking two lighthouses in this coastal town. The entrance design presented the opportunity to not only focus the visitor to the entrance but also on a distant view to the ocean, native and adapted plants species were utilized throughout.

Residence in Portland, ME
This design focused on landscape improvements and drainage for this shady lot. Extensive undrain of the lawn as well as native and adapted shade tolerant shrubs and perennials. Additionally, a re-imagined gateway to the yard and private garden was developed and implemented.

Residence in Scarborough, ME
This project focused on the rehabilitation of a formal garden. A new granite and aluminum fence, entrance archway and paving was designed and installed as well as infill plantings and identification and mapping of all existing plantings.

Glen Park Hydro Canal in Watertown, NY
Responsibilities were to visualize and implement a more aesthetic solution for this massive canal wall reconstruction. Designs and presentation graphics were developed to receive approval. The concrete wall was form lined to give a more natural face as well as surface stained to match more closely with the adjacent natural stone. A planting concept was developed which created a large “planter” faced with salvage stone and planted with native species.